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Premium Protection

Hand Sanitizer & Surface Disinfectant

PureBioGuard’s Sanitizer provides round the clock 12+ Hr  Protection. It’s a non alcohol sanitizer, (100% Alcohol Free), and Triclosan free Sanitizer, with a proprietary formulation. It’s Safe, Non Toxic, Moisturizing Proactive germ protection.

hand sanitizer and all purpose

Why PureBioGuard
non alcohol hand sanitizer?

SIMPLE! Because alcohol-based hand sanitizers, DO NOT provide extended protection. Alcohol protection only lasts for few seconds to minutes.


Alcohol-based hand sanitizers stop protecting just seconds after application.

PureBioGuard continues to protect for 12+ Hours and even through 10 hand-washings

Novel Science

PureBioGuard dries to form an invisible barrier of nano-spikes on the skin.

These spikes puncture the cellular walls of offending pathogens - killing them instantly.


PureBioGuards is 100% alcohol-free, triclosan-free, and non-toxic.

Completely safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Better Value

A 2 Oz. bottle of PureBioGuard hand sanitizer, provides 60-90 Days of All-Day germ protection.*

Applied as a fine-mist spray, very little is required to achieve full protective coverage.

How to clean your mask

All purpose hospital grade antimicrobial Spray, can be used to sanitize any type of masks. (See video)

mask sanitize


All Purpose Hospital Grade Antimicrobial Spray

Comparison PUREBIO
Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol Sanitizer Explanation
12+ Hr. Protection with One Application



Protects for 30 sec. Alcohol quickly evaporates
Complete Non-Alcohol Formulation



60+% alcohol content
Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi on Contact



Yes, Some, No
Gently Moisturizes Sensitive Skin



Alcohol causes drying, chaffing, and cracking
Prevents Pathogen Mutation (Superbugs)



Encourages superbugs in some circumstances
Non-Toxic & Non Flammable



Highly toxic and highly flammable
Clean, Refreshing Scent



Unpleasant alcohol odor
All-Day Germ Protection for Pennies



Comparable all day protection is virtually impossible & expensive
Antimicrobial Protection even when applied to spoiled, dirty, greasy hands



Alcohol CAN NOT penetrate the dirt or oily layer and is in ineffective
Hand Sanitizer Triclosan Free

Round the clock 12+ Hr Protection.


A 2 oz bottle of PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer is designed to provide a single user with anywhere from 60-90 days of all-day protection from germs. PBG, non alcohol hand sanitizer, is applied as a fine-mist spray and not much is required per use to achieve full protective coverage. In other words – a little bit goes a long way.


The Value Pack of PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer is designed for those who will be using it in a commercial setting, those who work in occupations that require constant hand washing, any that may be traveling out of the U.S. for an extended period of time, those looking for emergency preparedness solutions, or for those who simply enjoy sharing the protective benefits of PureBioGuard with those who they love and care about!

32 Fl Oz Refill Jug

REFILL YOUR PUREBIOGUARD SPRAY BOTTLES! Click Add the button bellow and we will ship you our 32 Fl. Oz. jug Non Alcohol Hand Sanitizer to refill your 2.0 Fl. Oz. spray bottles. ALL-DAY PEACE OF MIND IN A SINGLE USE

32 Fl Oz Refill Jug

A 2 oz bottle of PureBioGuard All Purpose Spray is designed to provide a single user with weeks of all-day protection from germs. PBG is applied as a fine-mist spray and not much is required per use to achieve full protective coverage. In other words – a little bit goes a long way!


PureBioGuard utilizes a revolutionary “mechanical” kill technology. Our proprietary formulation contains a positively charged polymer which dries to form a long-lasting bond with the skin.

You could think of this bond as a layer of “nano-spikes” that attracts harmful microbes and draws them in. The spikes puncture the microbe’s outer cell membrane, causing it to destabilize and die.

Since nothing is transferred to the (now dead) microbe in the killing process, the anti-microbial properties of PureBioGuard have not lost their strength and the spikes are ready for the next microbe they encounter.

Yes. One application of PureBioGuard has a kill rate of over 99% within 60 seconds of application and keeps you protected from the morning until night.

PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer does not lose its efficacy when hands are washed, (up to 10 hand washings, in fact) but should always be used in conjunction with an appropriate hand washing regimen.

In contrast, once an alcohol-based sanitizer has evaporated, it’s killing power is gone.

Yes. Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers which present a poison risk for children and animals, PureBioGuard is 100% alcohol-free, triclosan-free, & non-toxic.

PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer can safely be used as often as you like. Each additional application adds to the coverage areas that may have been missed in previous applications.

Keep in mind that one thorough application provides the same daily protection as an alcohol-based hand sanitizer applied every 60 seconds.

No, it won’t. PureBioGuard ‘s long-lasting protective barrier also serves to gently moisturize and soothe the skin.

Dermatologist tested and approved, PureBioGuard is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating.

  • Spray on and work wet product thoroughly into hands.
  • Allow to dry without wiping.
  • No water or rinsing necessary.

PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer does not require constant re-application, which means that significantly less product is used on a daily basis.

Yes, PureBioGuard is more effective and will ultimately be much more cost-effective.

PureBioGuard is effective against a broad spectrum of illness causing organisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses such as; MRSA, H1N1, VRE, C.dIFF, and many more!

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