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What we know now in July 2021 about the Delta variant?

Covid 19 delta

What do we know about the Delta variant so far? How can we assess our risk? What strategies should we apply to protect ourselves whether we are in a low vaccination or high vaccination setting?

Highlights from a recent interview about Covid-19 Delta variant* given from Dr. Maria Kerkhove to the Coronavirus awareness online program #ScienceinFive by the World Health Organization.But no worries, Pure Bio have you covered*

What we know now in July 2021 about the Delta variant?

So, the Delta variant is a variant of concern that WHO is tracking and monitoring around the world. It’s a variant of concern because we know it has increased transmissibility. This has been demonstrated by several countries. And we know that where the Delta variant is identified, it really rapidly takes off and spreads between people more efficiently than even the Alpha variant that was first detected
around December, January 2021.

As of today, the Delta variant has been reported in 96 countries and we expect that the Delta variant will continue to spread. There are a number of factors that are contributing to increased transmission around the world.

  • The first are these variants of concern, including the Delta variant.
  • The second factor is that we have increased social mixing and increased social mobility, which increases the number of contacts that individuals have.
  • The third factor is the relaxation or the inappropriate use of public health and social measures. Proven public health and social measures that we know prevent infections, reduce the spread of somebody who is infected with the virus to others and save lives.
  • And the fourth factor is the uneven and inequitable distribution of vaccines. The world remains largely susceptible to infection, including any variants of concern, including the Delta variant.

Read the whole article and get answers about:
Different countries of the world are in different stages of this pandemic. How can we assess our risk wherever we live to protect ourselves from the Delta variant?Considering this situation, do our risks change? And also, should we change our tactics and protective measures depending on what situations we find ourselves in?

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